Bag of Randomness

  • WifeGeeding got to the section of the book I referenced a while back where the author talks about her father.  It was such a blessing to see her excited face as she ask me if she could read a few sections to me.  And it was even a bigger blessing seeing her glow as she read it.  She should be proud and thankful for the father she has, and what a great gift to read about how your parent has benefited another person’s life.
  • There may be a reason why the Gospels contradict themselves on when the Last Supper took place.  Matthew, Mark and Luke all say the Last Supper coincided with the start of the Jewish festival of Passover, John claims it took place before Passover.
  • The latest Obama rumor that I found absurd is that Houston didn’t get awarded a retired space shuttle because Texas is such a Republican state.
  • However, I do think Houston got screwed, but I don’t think it’s related to anything regarding a presidential election.
  • The Foo Fighters performed in a guy’s garage
  • I found the Wikipedia article on a time capsule called the Crypt of Civilization quite interesting.
  • Once an interview is finished and the politician thinks that he or she is off camera and makes a remark to the interviewer, is it fair to role footage of what was said?  I’m really not sure what I think about that and how it relates to journalistic integrity.  It’s something I’ve seen done several times and can’t tell if it’s good reporting or a cheap way to get attention about the interview.  I remember it happening to Gov Perry a while back as well as the previous president.  This all came to mind when a local reporter interviewed President Obama.
  • I guess a sticking point to me about this case is that the reporter mentioned he had seven minutes with the president yet what was broadcasted was only a little over two minutes, so it appears that there was plenty of other footage to air but there was room for the ‘off camera’ remark.  In a way, by adding that remark, it seems the reporter was making it personal.  The viewer has no idea how much was edited out, so we really don’t know if there was anything to get testy about.
  • Trust me, I don’t have a problem with a reporter grilling a politician, it’s the off camera stuff that I’m not sure about.  Heck, I applaud the reporter for correcting the president that he lost Texas by only a few percentage points, but I have no idea how often the president may have been pressed regarding the space shuttle.
  • I do think WFAA had a moment of Idiocracy when they had to show a graphic of Dallas and Washington D.C. and the distance between them before the interview.  I’m quite certain we all know where Dallas and D.C. are on the map.  And it’s not like the last president was from Texas or anything.
  • In case you ever wondered how to get your own coat of arms.
  • In this article from ABC News I learned Trump wanted to take over the gulf oil spill and build the White House a $100 million ball room.
  • Speaking of Trump, I had my television set on NBC when NBC Nightly News started and their lead story was about Donald Trump as a possible presidential candidate for the GOP.  I then switched over to ABC World News and watched from the beginning (I have my DVR set to record it daily) and there was no story on Trump (but he was on Good Morning America that morning).  All that to say, it’s interesting to see what news organizations decide to lead with.
  • Surgeon Operates on the Wrong Eye of a 4-Year-Old Boy – When WifeGeeding recently had her eye surgery the surgeon had her point to the eye that was going to be operated on and he then drew a circle around it to eliminate any mistakes.  I also recall her being asked what eye the operation would be on a total of five times by three different staff members.
  • Arizona Gov Jan Brewer surprised me earlier this week when she vetoed the ‘birther’ bill and provided very sound reasoning for doing so.  Yesterday I read that she signed legislation to expand the list of flags HOA residents could fly despite regulation – one of them being the Gadsden flag, which is now probably better known as the tea party flag.
  • If you are into military weapons, this is pretty cool.  The sabot round went seven kilometers downrange after punching through a 1/8-inch thick steel plate.
  • GM has sold over a thousand Volts and drivers are saying they average over 1,000 miles between fill ups, which I guess means their commutes are less than 40 miles daily.
  • Thanks to one of my most dedicated Canadian readers, I learned that Golden Voice Ted Williams has a reality show.
  • The NFL released their schedules yesterday.  Normally stuff like they really peaks my interest, but as of right now, I don’t really care.
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