Bag of Randomness

  • I drove by the AMC Grand this weekend and was surprised to find that it’s closed and was about to be demolished.  Man, I remember when that place use to be THE place to watch a movie.  Not to mention, I think that place was one of the first to have over 30 screens in one place.
  • I rewatched the ESPN Fab Five special with a friend yesterday and he made a keen observation – one of the columnists that was repeatedly interviewed was the Tuesdays with Murray author.  It’s stuff like that which makes me think he should go on Jeopardy!.
  • I think a lot of wild fires are about to hit my hometown.
  • I’m still not quote over my bronchitis yet I’m out of medicine.
  • I’m currently reading Chosen by God by Dr. R. C. Sproul.  I expected it to be a very difficult read with a bunch of jumping back and forth to different Bible verses but that most certainly isn’t the case.
  • I’ve only seen one Molly Ringwald movie, the highly, highly over-rated The Breakfast Club.
  • Trump could have had the contestants on the Celebrity Apprentice to hunt down Obama’s birth certificate.  You know, that would be a decent SNL skit.
  • I think the truck stop in Weatherford called The Iron Skillet is good eating.  As I kid, I remember my father taking me there and they delivered my burger and fries in . . . an iron skillet.  I thought that was the coolest thing.
  • My wife performed her first rectal temperature reading last night . . . on the baby.  She has a slight fever, mostly due to teething but we are keeping an eye on her.
  • I sent WifeGeeding to the spa yesterday, she deserved it.
  • I want an update on former homeless man with the god-given radio voice Ted Williams.
  • I enjoy watching Storage Wars on A&E.
  • I’ve only played bingo in bingo parlor once in my life and it was idea I came up with for a last minute date.
  • Hot accountants of DFW?
  • A funny resume that kind of reminds me of my friend Jimi’s first resume
  • Portland soccer fans really know how to sing the national anthem
  • How the world ends, year by year, just pick a year.
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