Bag of Randomness

  • “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”- Wayne Gretzky
  • “We missed 81.2% of the shots we did take” – Butler University
  • What caught my attention more than anything during yesterday’s broadcast of the men’s title game was the cutting down of the nets and finding out that the ladders that were used was part of a marketing ploy.
  • In case you were ever interested in how the tradition of cutting down the basketball nets and ‘One Shining Moment’ started, here’s your answer.
  • I found an interesting nugget about the Texas Rangers that I had no idea about, and of all things, I found it in a football columnBehind the Rangers’ dugout is a room with three video men and six stations where players can come in before, during and after games to see their at-bats, or to study the pitchers or hitters they’re about to face. Six. I always knew baseball teams did this stuff, but we were shown how hitters, in a matter of seconds, can find any at-bat they’ve had against any pitcher — from a variety of camera angles.
  • Speaking of the Rangers, I saw their AL Championship rings.  For coming in second place, those rings sure did look blinged out.
  • A character in this book was inspired by WifeGeeding’s father.
  • The discovery of the Air France wreckage two years after the crash sure does seem like a plot out of Lost.
  • I’m surprised of all the attention Pastor Terry Jones is getting for burning the Quran, especially since Westboro Baptist has already done that deed a while back.
  • Phil Collins’ daughter cast as Snow White, no word if Phil will play a dwarf.
  • Walter Cronkite delivering the news of MLK’s death
  • A crazy up-close look at Trumps crazy comb-over
  • America’s Fastest Dying Business
  • Homemade shotgun made from a stapler, some pike, and a few other odds and ends.
  • You can trick news anchors into doing almost anything
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