Bag of Randomness

  • Before the Rangers’ season opener there was a lot of talk on sports radio on whether or not the players would bring back the claw and antlers.  I guess none of them have walked into any stores and seen the marketing blitz the Rangers have put on with all the claw and antlers shirts.
  • The Rangers swept Boston making them starting their season 0-3.  I’m sure their fan base and local media aren’t freaking out.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Come on Butler, you can do it.
  • WifeGeeding and I were Grapevine Mills and walked by the LegoLand exhibit.  We walked by because admission for adults were $19 a piece.  I think I saw enough pics of the exhibit in the news.
  • There’s an axe recall – I could see it coming.
  • I tried digging up a bush and replanting it.
  • Shoes charity sells more soles than it gives away
  • Speaking of Legos, Fergie recently wore a dress made entirely out of them.
  • 10 plants that are poisonous to dogs
  • The most complicated cocktail in the world is the Bloody Mary.
  • An interesting lawsuit that involves a Santa hat
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