White Male Scholarship

Finally—help is on the way for America’s downtrodden white males, especially the ones who believe they’ve been shut out of all that financial aid that is apparently being ladled like gravy on non-Caucasian college kids.

“It’s about time,” intones Texas State University business student William Lake, quoting an email he says was received the other day by the Former Majority Association for Equality, the scholarship fund he helped create to address this alleged injustice. “When we decided to start this scholarship, the conversation was primarily along the lines of ‘There is something out there for almost any and every demographic, but we don’t see anything out there for this demographic.’ So we decided to go ahead and at least contribute toward a solution.”

Lake, the nonprofit’s 30-year-old finance director, explains: “Our qualifications are pretty simple. Basically, you have to be at least a 25 percent Caucasian male and have to have demonstrated a commitment to your education with at least a 3.0 grade average, demonstrate financial need, and show you’re contributing positively to your community.”

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4 Responses to White Male Scholarship

  1. Brokelyn says:

    Nothing out there for "this demographic"?!?!

    How about higher pay for equal qualifications and work?
    How about the majority of people in positions of power are white males?

    White males don't need special funds, they already have one. It is called society. The existing societal hierarchy takes care of this demographic pretty well already.

    I wonder what it means in their pointy little heads to "contribute positively to the community." Do cross burnings and lynchings qualify??

    Ah well, at least we know the names of these pinheads. I live and work in The Republic of Texas. I hope that one of them comes looking for a job — that will be a fun interview….

    • White Male says:

      Awww, what's the matter Brokelyn? 99.99% of funding for affirmative action programs and self interest groups for everybody but white men isn't high enough? You have to have it all? Sounds like you have failed in life and instead of looking in the mirror, you are blaming everybody else. I knew the left libs and fembos would be out in full force if anything went to a white male

  2. J.B. says:

    Why all the hate Brokelyn? As it states there are no College Scholarships for White Males as a group… That's all this is…A Scholarship Fund… If it is not wrong to have scholarship funds for Women Only, Black Only, American Indian Only, Asian Only etc… Why is it wrong to have a sholarship fund for White males only???? This scholarship is based also on financial need. I think there are probably many young white males that are in economic need of this scholarship… I believe we should be an inclusive society that takes care of all our citizens no matter their race, creed, color, nationality etc.

  3. white guy says:

    i agree J.B. brokelyn is simply following the stereotypical thinking that white males get whatever they want whenever they want. brokelyn do you think tht the government simply hands out money to white males just because of their demographic because if they did william lake would not have had to start a scholarship for white males. and what they mean by contributing to the community is volunteering and helping out atleast they ask their applicants to contribute to their community instead of what other minorities ask, which is for teir community to contribute to them i.e. standing in line for food stamps because they spent all their welfare money on crack. and of the statement that most people in power are white males maybe its because they got out and started something or invented something that helped improve and atleast wite men in power give back to their community bill gates gives nearly have of his income to his non profit organization if you want more minorities to have power how bout you get off your ass and stop waiting for welfare and do as they did

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