Texas Dominates TurboTax Annual List of Late-Filing Cities

The full list of this year’s late-filing cities, with last year’s ranking in parenthesis, is as follows:

1. Houston – (No. 1): Houston, we have a problem! Locals landed in the top spot in five of the last 10 years.

2. Chicago – (No. 2): Windy City residents are unable to move from No. 2 for the second year running, possibly due to food comas induced by all the deep dish pizza-eating.

3. New York – (No. 3): For the third year running in the No. 3 spot, New Yorkers in the City that Never Sleeps take a nap until tax time.

4. Austin – (No. 4): Busy Austinites, so burned out from festival-hopping, put off their tax duties – landing in the top five again.

5. San Antonio – (No. NA): It seems one of the biggest military centers in the U.S. needs more soldierly discipline this time around, popping into the top 10 for the first time since 2008.

6. San Francisco – (No. 5): Known as innovators for all things tech, San Franciscans are doing their taxes only a bit quicker, moving down one spot from No. 5 despite their connected reputations.

7. Seattle – (No. 6): It looks like all that rain is washing out more than mail routes for 7th place Washingtonians. Despite their commitment to java hot spots, filing taxes online before the tax deadline clearly isn’t a top priority.

8. San Diego – (No. 7): When you’re wearing sunglasses 24/7, it’s hard to even see your taxes, let alone file them. San Diegans file just a bit faster due to peer pressure this year with TurboTax headquarters right down the street.

9. Los Angeles – (No. 8): Starving actors hanging out in this town are too busy looking for some nosh. It’s no wonder they dread filing their taxes!

10. Dallas – (No. 9): They say cowboys ride alone, but Texans managed to lasso in four cities on this list — including No. 10, Dallas.

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