Bag of Randomness

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  1. dan says:

    "Is this more significant than the Dead Sea Scrolls? "

    I had to read this story twice. If these books are the real thing, they are certainly more important than the Dead Sea Scrolls. I can't remember anything startling coming out of deciphering the Scrolls. On the other hand, there are few if any first-hand accounts about what the original Jerusalem Church was doing after Christ's death. The first Gospel is 60 years after his death. And they were written in Greek. These are written in Hebrew. The information contained could be earth shaking. One of the problems I foresee is that they are written in code. If the contents are controversial, there will arguments about the interpretation of the code…the Da Vinci Code?

    Also, now that the Israeli's have them, who knows when they will see the light of day or if they will let Christian scholars examine them. I hope they are authentic and I hope I live long enough to learn what they reveal.

  2. dan says:

    It's disappointing to learn that people in London use far more curse words than Americans. Unfortunately, unless I missed it in the story, I didn't see how the statistics were gathered. Think about it, a Londoner curses worse than Tony Soprano?

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