Bag of Randomness

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  1. kimmydoodle says:

    One time my hubby and I ate at a local Mexican restaurant. I headed out to the car and left him to pay the tab at the front counter. In a few minutes, the manager ran out the front door and frantically waved at me to come back. When I got inside, I saw my hubby passed out on the floor. He had stopped breathing. I told them to call 911. Knowing CPR, I positioned his head so I could start giving him rescue breaths and compressions. Repositioning his head allowed him to start breathing and in just a bit, he was sitting up and we got him to a bench in the entry way. He said he was feeling fine and to cancel the ambulance. A crowd had been held at the door while this was going on, and as they started walking past, he barfed all over them, just like Larda$$ in "Stand By Me". A few weeks later, we went back to the same place, and when the waiter brought out our two plates of food, he stared at my husband, and promptly dropped both of them on the nice tile floor, splattering it everywhere. We had to laugh that time………..he had recognized us from our previous visit.

  2. Andy says:

    I don't remember a good website, but I do know something about radiant barrier. The spray-on radiant barrier is cheaper but doesn't work as well as the foil. A Google search can give you more specific numbers. We got the foil about two years ago right before we moved in, along with a lot of insulation. I don't have a good way to measure the savings since we never lived here without both improvements in place. However, the foil dropped our attic temperature by about 30 degrees on one hot day in July.

    Here are a couple of my blog posts on the subject: and

  3. dan says:

    I have a radiant barrier, which was installed on the outside of the roof decking when I was having a new roof installed. It was experimental back then. That was twelve years ago. Based on what my neigbors and relatives are spending, I feel like I'm saving quite a bit of money during the summer (@ $100/month?). The problem is everyone sets their A/C thermostats at different levels; not every summer is the same; and, over the years, your A/C unit wears out and becomes less efficient. It's really difficult to compare. I feel the barrier was worth it.

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