Bag of Randomness

  • The weather going to be a major topic midweek for this Super Bowl, but it will all quickly die down and forgotten about when the actual even kicks off (literally) on Sunday with great weather and with the game just being in a dome.  The area will get beat up in the press about how wimpy we are when it comes to cold weather, but we’re use to that.
  • When the Super Bowl is played in New York in two years I’m hoping for blizzard conditions, because the NFL allowing for a Super Bowl to be held in an open air stadium up north is just lunacy.
  • I like how many of the Packer and Steeler players came to Texas wearing cowboy hats and belt buckles.
  • As much as I hated it, it was nice seeing all the crowds welcoming the teams to the area.
  • Price is having some kind of exclusive party in Dallas and the only water served will be that from my hometown of Mineral Wells.  If you watch the video in that link you will see a Mike Modano ad for the water.
  • I have a friend who can’t stand Prince’s music which I find a bit bewildering, but then again, we both question each other’s musical tastes.
  • Sometimes I feel like pulling a Steve Jobs when it comes to fashion – wear nothing but the same jeans and shirts everyday.
  • Belly Button Bacteria
  • Peter King is having a Tweetup this week and I think I may just attend.  I may just ask him about his reason for wanting Tagbliabue in the Hall of Fame.  I’m against the idea.  Sure he didn’t have a work stoppage and the league grew during his tenure, but I don’t know what he’s done other than just doing his job as commissioner.  I fear if he gets in, than all commissioners will get in just for being a commissioner.
  • I’m not sure why Super Bowl XLV has two logos, a national and a regional.  The national logo does not have the stadium but the regional one does.
  • Song of Solomon Pick Up Lines- YouTube
  • Former Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle is running for mayor of Dallas.  I recall talking to a friend who was part of DPD that predicted such a thing because Kunkle was quick to throw his men under the bus in the media rather than defend them in public – already working like a politician.
  • Toilet Paper Orientation
  • What you toilet paper roll is telling you
  • A gameshow called Blackout where you are in the dark and have to smell and identify objects.  It’s one show I don’t want to be on.  YouTube
  • A book for the man who has just about everything.  Maybe Scooter’s wife needs to give him this for his birthday?
  • Commandant and SMMC’s Message to Marines about the repeal of DATD
  • Man who fathered a child at 14 to become UK’s youngest grandad at 29 – I think my friend Jimi has the U.S. record and has this guy beat by about two years.  That a boy, Jim.
  • How the Egyptian government turned off the Internet
  • The 10 Canine Commandments
  • When feeding bacon is a crime
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