Bag of Randomness

  • My doctor finally tracked me down.  My total cholesterol was 206, but my triglycerides were about a hundred points higher than it should have been.  If I continue on my current path of life I’ll be diabetic in about five years.  I’m significantly low regarding my vitamin D intake, and surprisingly, my testosterone level is so low I may have to take supplements in a few months.  Man, and to think I was worried that he was going to give me some bad news.
  • My cousin is moving and during the process he found an old picture of us and his father, and he was kind enough to scan it and email it to me yesterday – totally out of the blue.  See, my cousin has always lived on the west coast so it wasn’t like we always got to see each other, but I’m marveled by how technology makes things easy to share (like this picture) and how it helps us keep in touch.
  • Oh, my cousin’s father died of heart disease at an early age, so maybe this wasn’t totally out of the blue.
  • You would think my cousin’s father would be my uncle, but my cousin’s father was my cousin because he was the son of my aunt.
  • I wonder how many of you had to read that last sentence twice.  It might help make more sense to you if I let you know my dad had me pretty late in life and my aunt didn’t wait until her 50’s like my father.
  • My aunt had one leg and was named Eileen.  I kid you not.
  • Another reason why I’m not a big fan of putting certain limits on malpractice lawsuits:  USC University Hospital shut down its kidney transplant program last month after a kidney was accidentally transplanted into the wrong patient – Article
  • And this mistake has always stuck in my mind.
  • For my friends that like bears (yeah, like you, Richard!) – Marketing Client Bear
  • Baghdad wants U.S. to pay $1 billion for damage to city
  • Book publisher says televangelist Benny Hinn violated morality clause
  • Simon Cowell was so impressed by a singing ten-year-old on YouTube he signed her to a contract.
  • The government actually has a website where you can donate money to pay down the public debt.  Last year, they collected $2.8 million, the year before, $3.06 million.
  • CBS11 had a segment about legendary WFAA Troy Duncan and what he does in his retirement years.  That just seemed weird.  And this is where Barry will tell you how bad of a mistake the man made when the tornado hit Fort Worth and how all the tapes of that broadcast went missing.
  • Oddly enough, they paired him with other legendary former WFAA and CBS anchor Tracey Rowlett.  It was the first time the two former coworkers were on the screen together in 12 years.
  • More oddly enough Duncan gave a high compliment to the current CBS11 chief meteorologist.  Possible swipe at WFAA?
  • WFAA actually had a great old clip of Dale Hansen in a wrestling ring actually wrestling a bear.
  • I wonder what Stone Phillips is up to nowadays.
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