Bag of Randomness

  • Michael Vick should run for mayor of Dallas.
  • The local news sure is looking for someone to point the finger at regarding the stadium seating fiasco.  I guess the most interesting interview was the owner of the seating contracting company that had some very choice words for the mayor of Arlington who was pointing the blame at him.
  • The news about Michael Young and the Texas Rangers over the past two or three years makes me think of the Greg Ellis relationship with the Cowboys.  Perhaps those two will live together in retirement.
  • I got a haircut yesterday from my usual hair-cutting-lady and she was all emotional telling me how her husband left her and their three kids yesterday and how she had to bring one of her kids to work for the first time.  The kid came out and asked his mother something while sitting down in the chair next to me, which I didn’t mind, but her boss quickly came over, whispered something in her ear, and the boy quickly left.  The whole situation was awkward and sad.
  • All of this wintry weather is like a turd that won’t flush.
  • If you are one of those that are intimidated by technology but want a gentle way to dip your toe into it, or if you’ve been a techie for quite some time, then I recommend a blog called Web What Not by good virtual friend (we go way back to LiveJournal) Allison.  She has such an inviting approach to her writing and offers up some great finds.  Her latest entry is about a way to use free remote screen sharing – so if my mother-in-law was having computer problems, then something like this would work perfect for me to help her as I could see her screen some 90 miles away.
  • China feeding fake rice to the poor?
  • Now I know the opposite of the Fountain of Youth
  • Grown child of gay parents gives a great speech
  • A duck takes a cold bath – that is all
  • A preacher thinks Native Americans morally disqualified themselves from the land.
  • Every time you watch Jersey Shore . . .
  • Snake On A Train Has Menaced Boston For The Past Month
  • Somehow the White House party crashers got into Jerry Jones’ suite  but it’s being reported that they didn’t actually crash the party.
  • Obama has stopped smoking?  I don’t buy it, and if he needs to puff every now considering the stress that job entails, I’m all for it, just quite when you leave office.
  • Tonight is the series finale of Friday Night Lights, which ranks as one of my favorite dramas. There’s just something about getting attached to a series and lost in their universe.   Other drama’s that I got emotionally attached to would included Lost, The West Wing, and The X-Files.  But I feel like I’m leaving a few out.  At least I still have Mad Men.
  • The latest Medal of Honor recipient is leaving the Army, I can’t imagine the microscope he’s been under.
  • Two of the most interesting benefits of being a recipient of the Medal of Honor is a reserved seat at every presidential inauguration and their children are allowed entry into a service academy despite any quotas or restrictions.
  • Grace
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