My Confession

For Christians that need to confess here’s something for you:

Our goal with “My Confession” is to come together online and simply share how we have fallen short of the Glory of God. We can’t change what we won’t acknowledge! That may look like pain you have caused someone else, a judgmental attitude, a secret hatred for another person, failing to give God time during your day, not reading the Bible…this page is yours. Take a moment to read other people’s confessions and join us in praying for each other. Finally, find a fellow Christian to confess to personally and seek their counsel and accountability to help you in your area of weakness.

To spread awareness of “My Confession”, we encourage you to

1. Write a short confession on a post-it note.
2. Add our website
3. Post it in a public place.
4. Take a picture of your note and upload it to this page with your confession or other thoughts.

And if you need some ideas of some ‘high traffic’ places to post your confessions, here are some suggestion:

Gas stations, bank ATM machines, drive through windows, bathroom mirrors, RED BOX video rental units, parking garage keypad entries, Etc. Use your imagination!

Here’s a confession left at a gas pump:

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