Jesus Cures Breast Cancer Shirt

I have been hearing a lot about breast cancer and It reminded me that Jesus heals! I think it would be great to reach out to people this way because everyone has been talking about this cancer. We should give them hope and show them that Jesus can heal them =] He can guide them to good health. . .


The comments were quite interesting I thought.

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5 Responses to Jesus Cures Breast Cancer Shirt

  1. Bart Smith says:

    What a joke!

  2. Shae says:

    It's offensive and ridiculous.

  3. andybox says:

    Um…what about the breast cancer patients whom Jesus doesn't heal?

  4. Nope, he doesn' says:

    Jesus doen't heal shit. It's modern medicine that does it.

    By some counts, there are in excess of 2 billion christians in the world, all of whom are going to die, many of them from breast cancer.

    Telling any victim of breast cancer that Jesus will heal them gives them FALSE hope; that may be good for them in the short term, but when they eventually die of the disease, they'll likely be bitter that you lied to them.

  5. Dina says:

    Jesus DOES heal and He gives the researchers and doctors the wisdom to discover modern medicine. Without Jesus we have nothing! My heart is saddened for you because evidently you don't have relationship with Jesus. Hopefully one day you will get to know Jesus and you will feel differently. As a christian and a breast cancer survivor I know that Jesus Heals without question!

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