He Does A Good Marty McFly

Actor and filmmaker A.J. LoCascio does a near flawless impression of Marty McFly, the almost squeaky, panicked voice of Michael J. Fox.

With no agent or voice-over experience, LoCascio said even he’s not 100 percent sure how he got the part.

“I literally just heard there was a game coming, so I called up the company, left a message on the president’s answer machine (as Marty) and I didn’t hear anything back,” LoCascio said. “So then I called the vice president and I thought, All right, I’ll let it sit. Two weeks later, I got an email asking if I could send an mp3 of me doing Marty McFly.”

Then he got the call he had been preparing for since, well, 1985 to be exact.

Full Asylum.com Article

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