Bag of Randomness

  • OK, DFW, it’s time to put on some thick skin as the Super Bowl reporters come to town and rip just about everything about our area.
  • Cowboys fans of the 60’s and 70’s must hate having the Packers and the Steelers play for the championship on their home turf.
  • The new AFC and NFC conference championship trophies took a change for the worst, they now look very cheap.
  • I’m officially tired of Apple commercials.
  • I’m at the hospital with WifeGeeding this morning as she has another medical procedure performed for her prosthesis.
  • I watched the Social Network this weekend, it was better than I expected.
  • I think the idea of the rebuttal speech right after the State of the Union is silly, at least the timing of it.  I know drafts of the speech are given out before hand, but those rebuttal speeches are written without even looking at those drafts.  If the rebuttal was given the next day, then I would be more understanding of it, and it doesn’t matter what political party is in what power.
  • Another reason why I can’t stand the Dallas Morning News.
  • Anne Hathaway as Catwoman
  • Web images with an expiration date might come in hand for some Facebook posts.
  • An Esquire article on Fox News president Roger Ailes – Why does Roger Ailes Hate America?An exclusive and unbiased investigation into the highly paid operative of a foreign-born tycoon, a man who reengineered political and media culture and fomented a revolt that threatens the very stability of our country.
  • A Christian tract about the falsehoods of evolution and a rebuttal.
  • From my friend Andy’s blog:  A group has decided to study and memorize the Sermon on the Mount this year and to blog about the journey. You can follow their progress at Check out the post on how to read the sermon, which has implications for how we read the entire Bible.
  • Bono’s performance at Sargent Shriver’s funeral
  • Relax, and do nothing for two minutes.
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