Bag of Randomness

  • A woman who use to run her family’s tire shop becomes a member of congress, marries an astronaut, gets shot in the head and lives.  If someone told you that story line, it would be hard to accept as fact and seems more like a Lifetime movie.  Once again, sometimes real world events are harder to believe that fiction.
  • All the network anchors were in Tuscon broadcasting the evening news yesterday, and that got me to thinking, do they every hang out and talk to one another during such things?
  • The Tuscon shooter kind of looks like the bald Britney.
  • The BCS National Championship Game wasn’t on a major network but on ESPN.  That just doesn’t make any sense to me.  Heck, all the BCS games not being on basic cable just tells me it’s all going to hell in a handbasket.
  • I’m not sure why Hollywood keeps toying with the idea of bringing back Dallas but it appears the latest attempt might actually have Larry Hagman involved.  You know that if this happens that Jerry is gonna to make an appearance.
  • I’m not a fan of trainer Jillian Michaels.  On one hand she promotes proper weightloss (well, I guess she does) on television, but then she endorses weight loss pills.
  • I don’t understand our local news, well at least WFAA.  During the 5:00 PM broadcast the Tom DeLay story came ten after the hour, but it was the leading story on the 6:00 PM broadcast.
  • I came home yesterday, sat in my recliner for about 15 minutes, and then holy hell broke loose – every fire alarm decided to go off yet there was no fire.  Not only was my ears left ringing but my sense of balance was off for most of the evening.
  • It’s interesting seeing how Cowboys Stadium is being changed for the Super Bowl, especially with all those temporary seats that were being installed.
  • The faces behind the princesses of Disney
  • An orange alligator
  • For you Dexter fans out there – a graph of his victims
  • Original Back to the Future photos
  • Christian names only sez the Pope
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