Bag of Randomness

  • Yesterday’s memorial service in Arizona sure was more upbeat than I would have thought, and I think that’s because the audience was full of college students in the upper rafters acting like a bunch of college students, but I’m sure many will blame the president, who almost broke into a few tears.
  • Christina-Taylor Green was the 9-year-old victim in the Arizona shooting and will be buried in a hand crafted casket made by Roman Catholic monks from Iowa.  She happened to be born on Sept 11, 2001 – so I guess it’s fitting that the National 9/11 flag will be displayed at her funeral.  The story about how the flag will be stitched back together is also interesting.
  • Cowboys Stadium will give people the opportunity to not see the Super Bowl but still be a part of it by selling access to areas outside of the stadium with large viewing monitors.  I saw a lot of this happen when I went to the inaugural game last year, it’s just sad that the Cowboys didn’t tell people that not everyone with a ticket last year was actually going to get in but have to settle for watching those video screens outside.  Wrongly, those ticket sales will be counted as part of the overall attendance, and this year’s Super Bowl is going to blow the existing attendance record out of the water.
  • The Cowboys’ long time radio announcer has only missed one game due to illness, and that game happened to be the Tony Dorsett 99 yard run game.
  • I have a friend, a math nerd friend, who gets annoyed anytime he hears someone state that give anything more than 100% because statistically and mathematically speaking you can only give 100%.
  • I’m annoyed when the local television news posts emails/texts/comments from the viewing public about a story, but I like all the weather photographs sent in by viewers.
  • Big Bang Theory has been renewed for another three years.
  • ABC has a new show called Off The Map – it’ looks like a cross between Grey’s Anatomy and LOST.
  • The ‘intended’ cast of Modern Family included Lisa Kudrow and Andy Richter.
  • Professional dancers in NYC in everyday situations, dancing.
  • Natalie Portman in a new perfume ad is a major provacative HEY NOW.
  • The Stranger is a weekly Seattle newspaper and has an interesting cover for this week that resembles the Sarah Palin cross hairs.  I think Barry and Rev Hart will find it quite interesting.
  • Speaking of the former governor, she sure make a major gaffe yesterday.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of the term “blood libel” until yesterday, but I would have thought that someone on her staff would have caught the reference before she gave her speech, but then again, she may have just written the speech by herself.  It was quite interesting, that speech had a presidential type of setting to it, and there was such an uproar that she removed the video later in the day.
  • If you are looking to do a good deed today, here’s an easy one for you.  In less than a minute you can help a public school get a playground.
  • The British branch of the YWCA has dropped “Christian” from its official name because it “no longer stood for what we are or what we do,” the women’s charity has announcedArticle
  • United Van Lines has an interesting picture over a study that shows what states had the most inbound and outbound moves.  Link
  • WifeGeeding and I love the chocolate milk shakes at Which Wich.  Trust me, no other fast food milk shake will compare.  If you aren’t familiar with the sandwich shop, they have an interesting concept in which each kind of sandwich has a numbered bag associated with it, you choose the bag (sandwich), and then mark on the bag what ingredients you want added to your sandwich along with your name.  I mention all of this to tell you that WifeGeeding put a Which Wich giftcard in my stocking for Christmas, and as you can see in the picture above, you even get to select the reason for the giftcard.  I think it’s a cute marketing gimmick that sticks with the overall spirit of the restaurant.
  • I’m not sure you’ll see any posts for tomorrow as I’ll be on a plane to NYC this evening to visit SisterGeeding.  But who knows, I might even do some live blogging and may even send a few tweets.
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