Not a Mosque

PHOENIX — People behind a new church in Phoenix are trying to stay ahead of any potential controversy or hate that accompanied the announcement of a proposed mosque near Ground Zero in New York City.

A new dome-like structure near 19th Avenue along Interstate 10 in Phoenix is the Light of the World church, a nondenominational Christian church hoping to modernize traditional worship services, a church spokesman said

Since the distinctive dome shape went up, church leaders said they have received phone calls from concerned neighbors who’ve mistaken the building for an Islamic mosque.

On Wednesday, church officials hung a sign reminding people they’re Christian congregation. “We’re trying to let people know that we’re Christian and our churches are modern,” said Uzieo Martinez.

Several years back I thought a mosque was being built in the city of Coppell but it turned out to be a Catholic church.

My college build a domed building after I left and I heard it caused a small uproar because some thought it wasn’t representative of Christianity.  I have nothing to back that up other than what a friend told me.

Speaking of HSU, while searching for that picture above (turns out I actually took this one and it’s on my Flickr page) I saw that our football coach has stepped down after 21 years.  He was the first coach since football was reinstated and finished with a 172-53 record and 19 straight winning seasons (368-144-11 as a head coach at high school and college levels).  Just thought I’d mention that for the three, maybe four, HSU grads that read this tiny little blog.  Details on Coach Keeling here.

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