Never-Seen Photos of JFK

LIFE has a collection of never before seen photos of JFK that you can see here, but two pictures stood out.

This picture of a cashier checking out JFK cracked me up.

But this picture also caught my attention.  Not so much of JFK, but of the boy on the lower right who has a toy gun pointed in his mouth.

In other JFK news, you can have you JFK cake and eat it too.

JFK Birthday Cake Side Decoration from May 19th, 1962

One event has truly taken on legendary proportions, namely the birthday party given at Madison Square Garden to celebrate JFK’s 45th birthday. No one can forget sultry Marilyn Monroe in her skin-tight sequined dress singing, or heavily-breathing, a rendition of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”. JFK’s reaction was a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment.

At the conclusion of her performance, a large birthday cake was carried into the hall. After the party, a police officer, part of a security detail, retrieved the cake side decoration as a souvenir. It has been preserved by his widow for the last forty-eight years.

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