Bag of Randomness

  • While filling up carGeeding yesterday I had a nice conversation with the Costco gas station attendant.  He told me that first thing in the morning they run a computer program which lists all of the gas prices in the community and then they set their price below the lowest.  He also told me that they won’t change their price during the day, but the other places will raise their price in the afternoon because people tend to fill up gas tanks more in the afternoon than the morning.
  • I like the idea of banning earmarks, the practice of it has been more than abused.
  • Confession: I watched Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC and enjoyed it and can see why people actually like her.  Heck, she’s a kind and friendly down at home mother/grandmother.  I know a lot of what I saw was Mark Burnett’s reality series editing magic, but I think I finally get what people see in her.  But I certainly don’t see what people see in her in regards to politics.
  • Alaska really is a beautiful place.
  • Someone baited Willow Palin on Facebook and got her flustered and cursing and saying some other bad things.  Well, at least I think she was baited.  Poor girl, being a teen and thrust in the spotlight and having complete strangers mock and tease you because of your parent(s) and then having it made public has to be hard.
  • Yesterday was groundbreaking day for the George W. Bush Presidential Center and was big local news.  Dick Cheney looked frail, and was even classy enough to make an Obama joke during the ceremony.  But in truth, the joke wasn’t really in bad taste.
  • Surprisingly absent, George H.W. Bush.  The reason?  We were told a scheduling conflict.  I’m not buying it.  A former president is going to miss his son’s groundbreaking of his presidential center because of a scheduling conflict?  Now he may have been ill or didn’t want to take any spotlight away from his son, but to say there was a scheduling conflict seems a bit loony.
  • Hot Sports Opinion: Kate Middleton is much, much more attractive than Lady Diana.  Related: 10 things you didn’t know about her
  • I like the younger prince much more than the older prince, and I think in terms of handsomeness, the redhead now leads the other in that category.
  • Speaking of redheads, I’m upset my Favorite East Coast Pastor didn’t make the list.
  • Local station has fun with the Marion Barber dress code fiasco
  • How many floppy disks it would take to install current software
  • Crazy embarrassing super obvious product placement – YouTube
  • The 11 Most Controversial Google Doodles
  • Thanksgiving dinner for six for under $1
  • The 18 Worst Companies In America
  • Bacon Cornbread Cupcake
  • Grace
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