Bag of Randomness

  • I forgot to mention that we formally joined our church on Sunday, heck, we even made the church handout.  Yes, our church still gives you a paper program as you enter worship.  So I guess this means it’s official, we both are no longer Baptists.  Hello mainline church.  Hello Reformed tradition.
  • We both actually had to stand in front of the church, answer a series of questions, and be accepted by the church body, and afterwards the majority of those in attendance formed a line and greeted us with a handshake and/or hug.  It was a real heart-warming moment, but at the same time, I almost felt like I was a political candidate with all the handshaking I was doing.
  • I’m a germaphobe, so immediately after all that handshaking I made sure to wash my hands.  Probably not a bad idea as the next living thing I touched was BabyGeeding.
  • I recently bought a pair of SKECHERS Shape-Ups.  I tried a different version of the shoe on about three years ago because I was told it would help my plantar fasciitis, but the shoes looked so ugly I just couldn’t commit.  So here I was in the mall and I actually found slip-on dress shoe version that actually looked pretty nice.  I wore them for the first time yesterday, and by far, they are the most comfortable pair or shoes I’ve ever worn, especially from a first day perspective.  My back in particular was surprisingly comfortable.
  • I don’t like to hear how Barry’s wife is having major issues with carpal tunnel.  I’m sure it’ s not only touch having the chronic pain, but I’m sure for him as a new husband and father that’s a lot of emotional stress he’s going through.  Hopefully things will get better for them soon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he see a post about a visit to the Brown Hand Center or whatever “Daddy’s Baby Girl” commercial that represents.
  • NBC is changing their Thursday night lineup, the entire evening will be nothing but sitcoms.  The Office stays in its timeslot but 30 Rock, a Geeding favorite, will be moving to 9 p.m.  Grrrrr.
  • Jason Garrett’s wife graduated from Princeton and has a law degree from Harvard.  And she’s a blonde.
  • My Favorite East Coast Pastor attended seminary at Princeton.
  • John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe
  • Everytime I think of Edgar Allan Poe I can’t help but think of The Simpsons, here’s a clip of what I’m talking about.  Pure gold.
  • I really like the new Michael Jackson single.
  • How much would you pay for a half a ton of Legos?  eBay
  • People often drink Sprite when they are sick, now it appears that Sprite might just help fight cancer.
  • What if the largest countries had the biggest populations?
  • Refrigerator Igloo
  • A dating website based on book tastes
  • Grace
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