Bag of Randomness

  • On Friday night WifeGeeding and I dined at Cozymels in Grapevine.  I thought it was funny that I’ve never eaten there considering how close it is and that I’ve lived in the area for over a decade.
  • One thing really stood out, at each table was this little digital device you see above that held the salt, pepper, and sugar.  I have a feeling many of you have seen this or some type of variation before, but it was a first for me and I think it’s something that will be common place in the next decade.  The touchscreen device provided pictures of items on the menu, the ability to order drinks and desserts, and provided entertainment features such as games, news, and the ability to watch movie previews and order movie tickets.  If that wasn’t impressive enough, you can pay for your meal with the device using a debit or credit card and get either an itemized or short paper receipt that you can either print out right in front of you or have it emailed.  If that isn’t impressive enough, the device allows you to split the meal ticket either by percentage or how your prefer to split the items by number of people, and it calculates the tip percentage (which you can change) or you can enter a numeric amount if you prefer.
  • I promise I’m not getting paid to endorse that device, it’s just I was very impressed and it made  me feel like the future was finally here.  Now where’s my flying card and/or hoverboard.
  • On Saturday night WifeGeeding surprised me with a trip to get a couples massage.  It turns out a local church was kind enough to babysit a few hours for us as a part of one of its ministries.
  • Upon picking up BabyGeeding a reader of this blog recognized me as he was picking up his nine-month-old bundle of joy.  It’s always nice to run into my readers and it’s always a pleasant surprise being recognized.
  • Nothing will make you want to lose weight more than shopping for a new pair of jeans, so I found out this weekend.
  • My josh that last line made me sound like a girl.
  • I’m sure it wasn’t much news to most of you, but if you attended a U2 360 concert then you will understand and appreciate that Aung San Suu Kyi was released, albeit cautiously.  Here’s a nice article about her and I find inspiring.
  • WifeGeeding is so addicted to her new phone that she has started to text me from within the house.
  • I’m definately not a Texas Tech fan, but they got to stop wearing those white helmets because it makes me feel like I’m in Bizzarro world.
  • Hugh Hefner is giving away golden tickets for a Playboy Mansion party
  • On the Saturday morning front page of the Dallas Morning News was an article about how the Fake Wade Phillips on sports radio 1310 AM The Ticket and how it will be “retired.”  Yup, this season is done for of that’s the only news the Cowboys can drum up from their local paper.
  • SNL actually had a joke on Weekend Update about the Cowboys and the firing of Wade Phillips.
  • It’s a shame that TCU dropped in the rankings.  I have a feeling because it had to deal with them not blowing out San Diego State, but hey, one of the TCU coaches had a heart attack during the start of the game, give them some kind of emotional mulligan.
  • TCU is obviously the best team in Texas, and for right now A&M would be the second, but if they they lose on Thanksgiving, I would have no idea who the second best college football team in Texas would be.
  • An observation from my friend Bone, “The McRib is the Brett Favre of sandwiches.”
  • The Cowboys seemed to have played a game with some pride for the second time this season.  Maybe there is something to the “Red Ball.”
  • At least during the Cowboys first season in their new stadium they didn’t have anything embarrassing happen like having the lights go out.  Well, the Jerrytron did go out once.
  • I’m becoming a believer in Dez Bryant.
  • Jon Kitna is no Brad Johnson.
  • Seriously, why no Tashard Choice?
  • Something you may see at GeedingManor come this Thanksgiving – Recirculating Gravy Fountain
  • Westboro Baptist Church face jeers, slashed tires, and no one in town will do the repairs
  • Grace
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