Bag of Randomness

  • There’s one thing about our church that stands out, they really like trying to get us involved and connected.  Their latest attempt . . . asking us to light one of the Advent candles in an upcoming service.  Part of me wonders if they accidentally called the wrong folks.
  • I recently discovered that the piano in our church use to reside in the Meyerson Symphony center.
  • Another thought about the Matt Lauer interview of former president George W. Bush.  In the interview, Lauer talked to the former president about when Donald Rumsfeld tried to hand in his resignation, and Bush stated that he couldn’t accept it because  there was no obvious successor.  To me, that’s a bit disturbing.  Although Rumsfeld was in good health, he was up there in years, and that meant if something happened to the man, then the president wasn’t prepared to replace him.  I would have thought that presidents would have at least a mental list of replacements for the most high profile of positions.
  • I thought it was cool of Jon Stewart on Monday night to congratulate Conan on his new show, especially since they are both in the same time slot.
  • Vice President Joe Biden was in Cleburne?
  • Gov Rick Perry sure is doing a lot of traveling and appearing on a lot of shows lately to promote his book.  It’s like the guy is setting up a presidential run or something.
  • Man, that guy has some great looking hair.
  • I actually watched Oprah yesterday to see Dubya interviewed.
  • WifeGeeding has a new toy, the Samsung Epic Galaxy S.
  • I’ve been really impressed with Samsung products as of late, especially with their televisions.
  • I think my friend Brent went to this bargain of a university.
  • 18 Iconic Products That America Doesn’t Make Anymore
  • Reba covers Beyonce, and hey, it’s not bad, even for country music.
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