Bag of Randomness

  • Hello colder weather, I love  you.
  • Hello extra hour of sleep, I love you.
  • The hit on Colt Austin Collie was fair.
  • I think yesterday was the first time I saw Jerry Jones not wear a suit to a game.  If Wade Phillips isn’t fired by the afternoon I’ll be surprised.
  • I’ll be surprised if anyone but Jason Garrett is named head coach.  It just makes sense since he’s the assistant head coach and has been deemed the ‘head coach in waiting.’  If Garrett can’t get this team to play for him this season, then you know he won’t be able to next season, and then Jerry can find a coach he really wants.  He’ll pick Gruden if he’s smart.
  • I’m liking the new AMC show The Walking Dead.  The lead actor is actually a British actor.
  • I never thought of people like Keith Olbermann or Glenn Beck as journalists.
  • Crazy college football weekend:
    • Oklahoma, who was ranked #1 several weeks ago, lost to an un-ranked Texas A&M.
    • The Longhorns, who were once ranked in the top five lost again.
    • The Ken Starr Baylor Bears, who were ranked in the twenties, gave up 725 yards to Oklahoma State, and were beaten 55-28.
    • That Baylor team also lost to TCU earlier this year 45-10, and TCU still can’t get any respect after killing #5 ranked Utah at their place is ranked #3.  I fear they will end up playing Boise again in a non-championship game this year.
    • TCU only received two first place votes.  Lunacy.
    • Now do we see how silly rankings are?
    • Texas Tech wore some hideous looking uniforms, but you have to give them a pass since they were to benefit wounded warriors.
    • A&M and Baylor has made for some great games as of late, I expect the same this time around.
  • My friend Bone who teaches children’s Sunday school said a kid tried to reference the book “Second Possibilities.”
  • Bono wrote a song for Itialian singer Zucchero.  Read the lyrics and hear a clip here.
  • I’ve been told there has been a lack of bacon posts lately.  I didn’t know that I posted much about bacon.  But anywho, here’s bacon soda, bacon hot sauce, and a bacon scarf.
  • Remember that young Asian guy that dressed up like and old man and boarded a plane to from Hong Kong to Canada?  You can buy the mask here.
  • I think I want one of these for my sink.
  • Food landscape art
  • Results for celebrities that ran the New York Marathon – Link
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