Bag of Randomness

  • Sorry for the lack of posts again, but I got back late on Saturday and have been playing catchup ever since, not to mention he had trick-or-treaters and I had to squeeze in a Cowboys game (regrettably) and a Rangers game (disappointingly).
  • In terms of work, last week was great.  I got to build some relationships and a lot of questions I had swirling around my head in terms of my responsibilities and role were answered.
  • I heard the crowd estimate for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was about 215,000 with a margin of error plus or minus ten percent.  All I can tell you is that is was crowded.  I was so far back that I couldn’t hear or really see anything, but I was just happy to be part of the atmosphere.  Heck, on the plane ride back I was talking to three college girls who flew in that morning and they felt the same way – that they were just happy to be part of the event and experience the atmosphere.  I included some pictures below of my trip to D.C. and of some things I spotted at the rally.  My favorite may have been the “Texans for Staying in the Union” sign.

  • It’s November and the Cowboys only have one win, the Rangers are about to the World Series, Tiger Woods is no longer ranked #1, and a ranked Baylor team beat a Longhorn team in Austin.  My sports world is upside down.
  • The Jon Hamm SNL was disappointing.
  • I was telling a friend that Cliff Lee should have started last night because it’s desperation time.  My reasoning is that we more than likely won’t have him after this year, so we might as well get as many starts out of him as we can, and I think he would have had enough rest.
  • I have to admit that was a touching moment seeing presidents #41 and #43 throw out the ceremonial first pitch.  Yeah, I don’t agree with them politically, one definitely more so than the other, but hey, what son wouldn’t want to have that moment?
  • WifeGeeding had me take lots of pictures of BabyGeeding all dressed up.  We were given several costumes as gifts and this is how we used them.

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