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  • The NFL Network’s countdown of the top 100 players concluded yesterday.  The top rated QB was Joe Montana, and I certainly don’t have a problem with that.  People will argue he was a system quarterback, but I would argue he was success with two different teams.
  • Sweetness landed in the number five spot . . . he should have been ranked higher.  But I thought it was cool that he was presented by Jim Brown.  Did you know when he broke the NFL rushing record that it didn’t even make the first page of the sports section in Chicago?  The bigger news was the Cubs’ playoff run.
  • The 49’ers has three players, teammates in the 80’s, in the top eleven.
  • It was interesting that Bert Reynolds presented Jim Brown.
  • I don’t have a problem with Jerry Rice being labeled the greatest wide receiver of all time, but I don’t think he’s the greatest to player of in the history of the league.  The man had the benefit of playing for both Montana and Young, and although a trendsetting, he’s records aren’t untouchable anymore.  Don’t believe me, compare T.O.’s stats to his and you’ll be surprised.
  • My top seven in no specific order: Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Gayle Sayers, Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis, Sammy Baugh, Rafael Septien.
  • Number of Players in teh Top 100 by Decade:
    • 1920s – 3
    • 1930s – 5
    • 1940s – 7
    • 1950s – 13
    • 1960s – 23
    • 1970s – 15
    • 1980s – 19
    • 1990s -12
    • 2000s – 3
  • I’m not sure how they broke that down because many of those players played in more than one decade, so I’m assuming they chose by the number of years played in a decade.
  • Teams With Most Players in Top 100
    • 1978 Steelers – 6
    • 1958 Colts – 5
    • 1966 Packers – 5
    • 1995 Cowboys – 5
    • 1976 Raiders – 4
  • How silly is this list?  Well, lets talk about the great Tony Gonzalez who comes in at #45.  Per this list he is greater than #46 Roger Staubach, #47 Ray Nitschke, #52 Eric Dickerson, #55 Earl Campbell, #58 Mike Singletary?
  • For the heck of it I would like to see a list, albeit a much shorter list, of best coaches, GMs, and owners.  And for the heck of it, cheerleaders.
  • What’s male has the best job?  I would argue Steve Sabol.  What are your suggestions?
  • Since 1969 the Pittsburgh Steelers have only had three head coaches.  Since 1969, the Cowboys have had seven, counting Wade Phillips.
  • Letterman beat Leno all last week in the ratings that count, but surprisingly Jon Stewart has beaten them all.  UncleBarky
  • Jay-Z will be opening up for U2 in Australia – Now that’s gonna be one heck of a concert.
  • A very interesting collection of moon photography art
  • Grace
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