Five Years of Bringing You A Whole Bag of Nothing

Five years ago yesterday I started this little website and today’s post is about the 14,598th.  I say ‘about’ because I’ve deleted some over the years for one reason or another but that’s the number that appears on the counter when I log in, so there.

Sometimes this blog is a hassle, but other times it’s a bit therapeutic for me and I’ve really enjoyed the relationships I’ve made over the years.  I’ve been happy to get to know a pastor in NYC, a woman who sends me postcards from Europe from all her adventures, a manager of a Starbucks in Oklahoma, some lawyer dude and commercial contractor in Wise County, a few dudes with a voice for a sports radio AM station in Dallas, another DJ in Kansas City, a PR/ad man in Canada, college women in Denver and Boston, as well as many, many great readers I know consider as friends.

I just so happen to make that first ever post on my mother’s birthday, and like I have done for the last several years, it’s more important for me to honor my mother than it is to brag about this website.  So in stead of me making my daily posts, all I ask of you is to take the time you would normally spend on this website and take on my mother’s favorite hobby of  reading.  Feel free to read for yourself, or read to your kids or grandkids, heck, read to your dog.  But please do me the favor of honoring my mother and take some time to read.

I thank you so very much for stopping by here everyday, taking the time to comment, caring about my silly random thoughts that really are just a bag full of nothing, and honoring my mother.

Feel free to leave a suggestion or link for something y0u think is worth a read.

If you can’t find anything worth a read, below is a Popular Science magazine from the year and month of my birth.


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