Bag of Randomness

  • One of my friends took me out to lunch for my birthday yesterday, and I decided to  Celebration would be a nice place to eat, heck, the name was fitting.  As we entered we found a Google employee that was taking pictures of us walking in and as we were eating, but promised to blur out our faces.  It turns out they are adding a new feature to Google Maps that will allow  you to look inside a particular business.  When this becomes available I’ll post a picture I took of the lady as she was taking pics.
  • One of my closest friends bought me the Blu-ray version of the U2 360 concert.  What!?!?!  You thought I would have already owned it when it came out a couple of months ago?  Yeah, me too.  I held out thinking I was going to get it for an anniversary present because “I’m so hard to buy for.”  [Yes, Honey, I’m teasing you.]  But I tell you, sometimes when I just need to get away from the stress and struggles of everyday life and feel revived, a U2 concert DVD often helps.
  • WifeGeeding was nice enough to get me some shaving products I’ve been eying from The Art of Shaving.  Oh yeah, and a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. 🙂
  • One of the hardest parts about the process of death, human or pet, is when they are still alive but just not what they use to be.  That came to mind as I thought that even though DogGeeding is still around, I’ll no longer be able to play toss with him.
  • What do you know . . . Dr Scot McKnight, author of the Jesus Creed blog on Beliefnet was nice enough to mention me.  That might just bring my total readership to 14, maybe 15.
  • For you Entourage viewers, isn’t it crazy how much Dallas has been a part of the show?
  • I’m glad I finally got to see the story on how Don Draper got to meet Roger Sterling, even though I thought didn’t quite live up to my expectations.  But then again, I did set the bar pretty high.
  • I remember thinking  that ‘Dancing with the Stars’ was a stupid idea, but in time have reversed that decision.  And this year’s contestants should be fun to watch.  I just hope Rick Fox gets voted off rather quickly.
  • Music Piracy Before Computers
  • The pastor of FBC Dallas recently said Islam promotes pedophilia.  A representative from Dallas’ oldest mosque responded by saying, “It does not represent the core of Christianity.””It does not represent the core of Christianity.”
  • Burning bush ignites Woodburn church
  • Bono and his wife were part of an Annie Leibovitz photoshoot
  • A sign of idiocracy?  Flashing Stop Signs
  • Design your own beef jerky
  • 35 very useful life hacks – I didn’t know the hint about aluminum foil
  • Grace
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