Bag of Randomness

  • Yup, I attended my first Rangers game in about three years and didn’t have anytime to blog.  Blame my friend Jimi for the free tickets.
  • When I first started blogging I remember one of my friend’s girlfriends tell me that she stopped blogging because she wanted to do something more edifying with her life.  I thought of her as one of those get-in-your-face-evangelicals, and she knew I was really fond of this new ‘hobby’ and I felt like she was trying to guilt trip me into doing something I enjoyed.  Personally, I’m glad I never stopped blogging because some real blessings have come my way as a result of it.  One of which came yesterday as one of my readers, a friend, wrote a heart-warming post about me.  Too bad there’s not a better picture of us two because I look like crap.
  • But for every great guy like Jonathan, I’ll run into the occasional reader who thinks I’m just a hypocritical Christian with screwed up liberal theological and political views.  I’m all about learning about opposing views and perspective, just not into the judgementalism.
  • Whatever illness I have, I just can’t shake it.  As Dennis Hopper said in Water World, it’s like a turd that just won’t flush.
  • Honda has absolutely run the ‘Mr Opportunity’ commercial into the ground.
  • Have you ever wondered how an airline makes itself in movies and television?  For you answer, check out this podcast.
  • A blog about a mixed-raced family discovers their kid’s school segregates class elections: Just found out that that my children’s school divides the class president, vice pres, homecoming king and queen by race!!! Link
  • The perfect breakfast dessert? Caffeinated Maple-Bacon Lollipops [Thanks, Richard!]
  • A very long, but interesting article on The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  If there are any comments left about this topic, I have a feeling they will come without reading the article.
  • Alaska leads the nation in highest average credit card debit ($7,148) followed by Tennessee ($5,654) and Hawaii ($5,594).  TransUnion
  • Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows
  • Cost of living comparison tool
  • Sci-Fi Eye Chart
  • Right before The Empire Strikes Back Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford were interviewed by Jane Pauley on The Today Show and actually reveal secrets of a prequel.  YouTube
  • A large-scale scan of the top million web sites – Considering Google owns YouTube, they own a lot of the Internet.
  • Remember that old SNL skit “Bad Idea Jeans”?  This article made me think of it -Pastor says armed militia to protect church during Quran-burning event
  • Ransom note generator
  • Jesus answers kids’ lightning prayers?
  • Grace
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