Bag of Randomness

  • I don’t think I’ve ever been to a national park.
  • When I was a kid, like before elementary school, a common dream I would have would be that of hang gliding.  One day, I think I would like to give that a try.
  • It was tax free shopping weekend in Texas, and one of the items that was tax exempt is clothing.  However, when I bought a shirt off Woot!, which happens to be a Texas based company, I was still charged sales tax.
  • I discovered yesterday that Doc Holliday use to have an office in Dallas not too far from Dealey plaza.
  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles was on the television last night . . . great flick.
  • Every year the dates 4/4, 6/6, 8/8, 10/10, 12/12 fall on the same day of the week, this year it’s on Sunday.
  • The Expendables won the box office again this weekend, I wonder if that means Steven Segal and Jean-Claude Van Damme will sign on for the sequel.
  • Interesting portrait photo taking tips, here are a few that caught my attention:
    • The type and brand of camera you use has a huge effect on how good you look in your pictures. Panasonic > Canon > Nikon
    • The flash adds 7 years to your age.
    • Photos taken late at night and late afternoon with a shallow depth of field are rated best.
  • Gerald Calente, the guy that predicted the 1987 stock market crash, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the recent subprime mortgage crises, thinks the middle class will disappear and the poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer.  To be more clear, he thinks the ‘Greatest Depression’ is around the corner.
  • Where Wookies Come From . . .  related Wookie The Poo
  • It appears that Megan Fox likes to wear her step-son’s shirts
  • 30 Things You May Not Know About Caddyshack – I thought number 30 was quite interesting, and you know, I don’t think I’ve seen the movie all the way through.
  • 10 Inventions from Back To The Future that Actually Came True
  • Pat Fleet is the voice of AT&T – her fun stuff page is actually pretty funny
  • U.K. Worship Leader to Tweet Entire Bible Chapter by Chapter
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