Bag of Randomness

  • I’ve gotten in the habit of painting the lid of a paint can as soon as I open it because when I need to search for paint at a later period, usually the lid becomes rusty and the paper has deteriorated.
  • We’re in to the third season of Mad Men and I just can’t get enough of it.  Part of me wants to start writing down Don Draper quotes.
  • In the latest episode Don was up cooking a snack when his daughter walked in and they had a real cute father/daughter moment.  I wonder when that’s gonna happen for me.
  • Rick Warren made a Twitter gaffe that he eventually took down, “I challenge any church in America to match the spiritual maturity, godliness & commitment of any 500 members of Saddleback.”  As you may have guessed, some folks weren’t happy about it.  A nice commentary on it can be found here.
  • Nike has an ad that favors women with a, um, larger than average caboose.
  • This form of advertising by Dove Body Milk is kinda creepy.
  • A podcast on how Southwest prepared for Air Force One’s arrival to Love Field.
  • Abby Road has a web cam set up outside their studios to catch folks trying to recreate that famous Beatles cover.
  • A little old news – Underwear packaging reportedly recalled from Walmart after Cullman pastor’s complaint
  • How to contact Twitter about a deceased user
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