Bag of Randomness

  • I remember as a young little Geeding when we actually had chalk boards in the classroom and a rate treat would be selected as the special student to go out side and clean the erasers.  Sometimes you just had to bang them against either others, but every now and then we got to take some kind of machine outside with a circular brush and vacuum.
  • I’m glad to see Virgin Air coming to DFW.  Competition is the backbone of capitalism.
  • Yesterday I was asked about my thoughts my hometown of Mineral Wells being a tourist destination.  While the thought of that may be laughable at first, I think it’s a possibility and I think there’s a model that the big MW can follow – Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Hot Springs has a hotel called the Arlington which was the inspiration for the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells.  Hot Springs has the hot springs for spa treatments, and Mineral Wells has the mineral wells that could be used for spa treatments.  Hot Springs has nature walks, and many people trek to Lake Mineral Wells not so much for camping but for the rock climbing. Mineral Wells use to have a military base that trained around 95% of all helicopter pilots of the Vietnam War and a museum is being built, with a bit of support from John McCain, Roger Staubach and Harrison.  So if the Baker was rebuilt with some local niche stores and activities and perhaps a nearby golf course, it may be a long shot, but it could be a decent tourist destination.
  • I found this illusion video quite interesting.
  • Recipe for fake blood used in The Evil Dead
  • What was done with the very last roll of Kodachrome
  • SisterGeeding is a student at the French Culinary Institute of NY and often texts me pictures of her creations.  I’m really proud of her and thought I would share some of them.

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