Bag of Randomness

  • I was home sick yesterday but learned that Air Force One was going to land just outside the office window.  For this presidential historian buff, that was a missed opportunity.  Huge. 
  • I think the local news is making too much of an issue of Democratic governor candidate Bill White distancing himself from Obama during his visit.  It’s definately something worth noting, but WFAA had about three, maybe four different segments about it in one newscast.
  • The news also seemed to make a bigger deal of Obama’s visit than any of W’s when he was in office and I’m not sure really why.
  • While lookingat these pictures of Obama’s visit to the University of Texas, I’m reminded of one reasy why I love that place so much – diversity. 
  • I fear broken glass.  I always want to make sure all of it is cleaned up around the house, even to the tiniest piece because I fear dogs licking it thinking it might be a drop of water.
  • While waiting in the doctors office yesterday the waiting room was fully of young football players waiting to get their physical.  It must have been their fist physical because it was funny watching them come out one by one talking about the whole “turn your head and cough” experience. 
  • I’m surprised as much that has been mentioned about the HP scandal by our local news they never stated that the man stepping down is a Baylor graduate.  It seems the news is always trying to make connections to all the Texas universities but this one eluded them.  But the news sure did like saying that the woman involved was from Dallas.
  • I forgot to mention that when I flew to Austin last week, it did so on the 25th anniversary of my first ever flight.  I can remember that day because it was not only my father’s birthday but it was the anniversary of the Delta crash at DFW.  We flew to Hawaii that day and when he got to the hotel and turned on the television we learned there was a crash at our home airport.  It was just a weird feeling.
  • Sharpie Reinvents Pen with Liquid Pencil
  • For you DFW men that miss Megan Henderson and love Mad Men, you may enjoy this interview.
  • Back in 1994 Warren G & Nate Dogg had a song called “Regulate” that me and my buddies liked quite a bit.  Wikipedia has a breakdown of the song.
  • This dude spent 24 hours in a 24 Hour Fitness
  • If you are really bored just check out the Amazing Amazon Box for a few minutes.
  • Sarah Palin challenged by a local
  • Very interesting in a geeky way – Back to the Future Timeline
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