Bag of Randomness

  • While painting yesterday I discovered we have a bit of a termite problem.  This was on top of having a plumber come over and having a new AC unit installed upstairs.  Oh, and getting the AC repaired in my car.  When it rain, it pours.
  • I never thought I would hear a reference to Dancing with the Stars in a Pro Football Hall of Fame speech.
  • I am really amazed at just how popular the Cowboys are across the country. That was evident in Canton over the weekend.
  • Heck, I had no idea how loved Emmitt Smith is … I thought people kind of thought of him as a bit of a prima donna.
  • E. Smith has been known not to be the best at speaking off the cuff, but he gave his speech without notes and other than forgetting the University of Florida it was fantastic.  But he came back to his old self on Sunday night when he called Al Michaels, Mike.  I’ll give him a mulligan for that one though.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about the changes to the HOF ceremony. I know they are trying to cut the length of the ceremony, but I actually liked the presenters speaking to the crowd as opposed to an edited highlight video clip and how the exiting HOF members were in front and not at the back of the stage, even if it appeared not as many of them showed up this year.
  • I think Jerry was the only inductor not speaking against a white background and didn’t have a closeup of his face. Jerry loves to advertise that stadium and we all may have benefited from not having that closeup.
  • I think Jerry’s toupee was pretty noticeable on Saturday night.
  • I say it every year . . . I love the opening of the Hall of Fame game with bot teams lined up across midfield as the new inductees are down the parade of players.  I wonder how much that inspires the current players.
  • Did I see Euless Trinity High School and Ray Lewis in a Madden commercial last night?
  • When I flew down to Austin last week it was the first time I flew Southwest.  I thought it was interesting that on my first flight the flight attendants just gave the first row of passengers a large bag of peanuts and they took as much as they wanted and just passed them back.
  • On my return flight the last words the flight attendant said on the intercom was, “I’m gonna tell you what my daddy told me when I turned 18, get your stuff and get out of here.”
  • Salt Lick BBQ was highly recommended to me so it was the first place I ate in Austin.  I really did not care for it.  There sauce had a very mustardy taste to it, heck, even the sauce had a yellow/gold tint to it.
  • It was a fun and interesting experience not having a vehicle in Austin and just relying on public transportation.  I found the buses to be very clean, pretty empty, and very cool.
  • I forgot that Austin was part of the hill country which made some of my walks in the summer heat a bit of a challenge, unlike my days college days on the very flat plains of West Texas.
  • For dinner one night I just decided to walk until I found a place to eat.  Too bad my hotel wasn’t closer to 6th Street, as I was next door to the baseball field where my dining options were a bit limited.  When I finally found some restaurants, I pulled my phone out to find some reviews of the place before going in.  Ahhh, technology.  I ended up eating at Hoovers Cooking.
  • In my class I talked to a lady who ended driving me back to the airport and she mentioned to me that the airport actually moved from the northern part of the city to the southern part.  It turns out that Austin had a military base that closed and the city took advantage of existing infrastructure and moved the airport.  She and her husband actually flew out of the old airport and returned to the new airport and had to be bussed to the old airport to get their car.  I think she also stated the the old airport is now a housing development with the existing Airport Blvd, which I’m sure is going to or has already confused some folks.
  • UT Austin sure did have a lot more St Augustine grass than I expected.
  • Tim Tebow looks like a friar with his new haircut.
  • Something interesting happened this morning on Aug 9th 2010, it was 05:06:07 08/09/10. This won’t happen again until 3010.
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