Bag of Randomness

  • Riding my bicycle to and from school was a fun experience.  Heck, even walking home with a group of friends was a blast.   Trust me, growing up in a small town had its perks.
  • Teenagers today probably don’t experience the late night phone call drama that we older folks use to.  Nothing was worst than getting that late night call from a friend and then hearing your dad gripe that it’s too late for talking and that it woke him up.  But then again, it was also kind of fun knowing a friend was going to call and keeping your hand on the handset ready to pick up it as fast as you can so it wouldn’t wake your parents.
  • It was also a bit unnerving being the one making the late night call to a friend only to have the parent pick up.
  • I have no faith in the Texas Rangers, the baseball club that is.  That will only change with a World Series win, and I doubt that will ever happen.
  • Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • I think gay marriage should be called garriage to make it distinguished and to help eliminate any potential confusion when talking about spouses.
  • I think the Cowboys pants have a bit more of a blue tint, last several seasons they kinda had a green tint to them.
  • I follow news and politics pretty closely but have never understood the  Bush tax cuts.  First off, I don’t understand why they were never made permanent when implemented, perhaps some kind of law prevented it from being so?  I also don’t understand how decreasing your revenue (tax cuts) and increasing spending and the overall size of government seemed acceptable.  Perhaps the thinking is that tax cuts will encourage spending, but if that’s the case, I’m not a believer in that philosophy.
  • With all that said, trust me, I ain’t comfortable with all the government spending that is going on with the current administration nor the deficit.
  • I did think it was pretty cool of W to welcome troops coming home and traveling through DFW Airport unannounced earlier this week.  The DFW committee is pretty good at doing this on a consistent basis.
  • Say it ain’t so, Donald Duck.
  • For you Calvin & Hobbes fans, a Calvin & Hobbes search engine
  • I’ve never had a nickname.  I’ve always wanted a nickname.
  • This church is so cool, it even advertises on the local news.
  • In the last few episodes of Mad Men that I’ve watched, Conrad Hilton, the hotel businessman and great grandfather of Paris, was featured.  What I didn’t know was his Texas connections.  He bought his first hotel in Cisco, Texas and his first luxury hotel was built in Dallas.  And surprisingly to me, he is buried in Dallas less than a five minute drive from my work.  I also didn’t know a copy of his book is in each hotel.  I stayed in a Hilton in Austin, but didn’t notice the book in my room.
  • I bet my cousin Chris new almost all that info.
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