77-Foot Cross Raised Alongside Texas Interstate

After getting past an IRS investigation, pornography scandal, and attacks in various forms, a Texas-based group was finally able to raise its 77-foot cross alongside Interstate 10 in Kerrville, Texas last week.

Max Greiner, Jr., the founder of Texas-based The Coming King Foundation (TCKF), said the nine-year journey to build the multi-million-dollar Sculpture Prayer Garden, where The Empty Cross is located, was fraught with obstacles. But the group persevered and finally saw the giant cross raised.

“We believe this garden will be used by God to reach the unchurched. The people that just go down the highway and the byways will see this cross and the other sculptures and will be drawn in by the Holy Spirit to a quality, family art exhibit and garden and in the process see the gospel ,” said Greiner to The Christian Post on Thursday.

The idea for the prayer garden was conceived in 2001 after a preacher prophesized that Greiner and his wife would “restore the tabernacle.”

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