It’s a new Blu-ray day for U2 – BD Live helps band keep content fresh

In 2007, U2 was one of the first to capitalize on new 3D technology with “U2 3D,” which was also the first live-action 3D film to play Cannes.

Last month, the band gave a push to another up-and-coming technology — BD Live, which was installed on copies of its “U2 360° Tour” Blu-ray DVDs.

Using an Internet-connected player, BD-Live connects discs to a website where content is uploaded from a host.

Every time a user inserts the disc, new items and feeds, such as clips from the band, can be accessed through their television set.

Users are given a live feed of the band’s progress throughout the tour: The first download will feature a video that U2 filmed for users, in which they apologize to fans for missing a leg of their tour.

“U2 360° Tour,” released through Universal Music, marks the first Blu-ray title to be produced in the U.K. with BD-Live content. It was installed through specialty content production company the Pavement.

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