Bag of Randomness

  • While eating at Fernando’s yesterday for lunch, Cynthia Izaguirre of WFAA, one of my local news nemesi, was sitting across from me.
  • Other local news nemesi includes Shelly Slater and Jane McGarry.
  • I don’t like it when presidents dress up in military uniforms.  I don’t like when presidents appear on night time talk shows, and I don’t like it when presidents appear on day time talk shows.  Within my lifetime, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a president on The Price is Right.
  • I can understand trying to connect with “the people” but I just don’t think this is the way to do it.
  • ABC’s 20/20 devoted an hour to behind the scenes look at The Bachelor.  Anyone else remember when 20/20 use to be a news program?
  • Sharyn Alfonsi of ABC News has to be the busiest reporter alive.
  • Mike Doocy of KDFW Fox 4 Sports cracks me up at the 18 second mark.
  • I find it amazing when I call a salesperson, wanting to give them business, but they don’t return my call after three days.  Yes, I’m talking to you D&M Leasing.
  • WifeGeeding and I are one episode away from finishing the first season of Mad Men.  My goodness is that a good show.  I’ll have to buy season two soon, but thankfully season three is available for free on DirecTV on demand.
  • For those of you that have seen the movie Inception this might be helpful.
  • Stainless Steel Sharpie
  • Ask The Rabbis – Is there such a thing as asking too many questions?
  • Interesting Local News – Finger in Butt Crack Sparks Knife Fight
  • Mom ruins hockey fight
  • Brain Cupcakes
  • Grace
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    Obama's great communication skills helped to get him elected. But in the past six months it seems he is giving a televised speech or press conference almost every day. Now, in between speaking on the stump and Rose Garden press conferences, he's going take time out to appear on The View? At some point this over-saturation is going to reduce the meaningfulness of his televised messages and minimize his importance.

    A beer summit with Snookie and the Situation?

  2. Jerry says:

    Cynthia should be ashamed for making fun of Serene Branson, the reporter that had an episode on live TV. Greg Fields sure put Cynthia in her place by telling her she should know how it felt….referring to her on air mistake by calling a mountain climber "GAY" instead of saying he was "BLIND". You can see that one on You Tube.nter text right here!

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