Bag of Randomness

  • A while ago WifeGeeding bought me a gift certificate for a straight razor shave and I finally made time for it this weekend.  I’ve always wanted to have one done, and I enjoyed the experience, but my hair on my throat grows in some weird directions, and in an effort to get the smoothest shave possible I was left with a tad of razor burn.  But the guy couldn’t have been more professional or cordial, and I think it’s something one guy should have done at least once in his life.
  • Some guys fear the straight edge when it comes to the throat, but to be honest, it never crossed my mind because I put so much at ease.
  • The Cowboys first day of training camp had over 19,000 people in attendance, more than the entire crowd at the Oakland A’s home game.
  • Dez Bryant sure seems to be starting things off well being the first on the field and the last to leave.  And I can’t blame the guy for not wanting to carry Roy Williams’ should pad.  I never liked any form of hazing or initiation, even for rookies.
  • Flipping through the channel on Sunday I came across the most interesting “Pros vs Joes.”  It had retired NBA players (Hakeem Olajuwon, Kenny Smith, Rick Fox) who were the Pros against current NFL players (Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, Antonio Gates) who were the Joes.
  • I’ve caught a few episodes of “The Simpsons” on Sunday night and the show has gotten better over the years.  They must have gotten some new writers or something because the show seems fresh again.
  • Remember that gut wrenching story a few years back about a car accident in which the identities of two college girls were confused, where one family thought their daughter was alive and the other thought their daughter was dead because the severity of the accident made the victims unrecognizable?  Well, it happened again but it wasn’t as drawn out.  [credit, Barry]
  • I wanted to test drive the new Ford Fiesta the other day, more than just because the song in the commercial is in a continuous loop in my head, because it gets great gas mileage and comes with that great SYNC feature.  But when we arrive at the dealership and WifeGeeding saw the car, she didn’t even allow my foot to touch the parking lot.
  • “Texas County Reporter” had a segment about a man that is walking the border of Texas.  Along the way he found a dog and it’s tagging along for the hike.
  • Young evangelical writer: ‘Move on’ from evolution-creationism debate – I’ve experienced some of this writer’s work over at Stuff Christians Like where she wrote about Secretly Being Liberal and then screamed, “I’M NOT ALONE.  You can check our more of her work at her blog.  And in case you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m a firm believer in evolution, and you don’t know how long and hard it has been for me to admit that on this blog.  My longtime Baptist friends may have just disowned me.
  • A note to all non-pet owners
  • Ordering a Bacon Oreo Blizzard at Dairy Queen makes you a Celebrity
  • BYU banns motorized couch
  • Buy dog food for your dog, a dog in need gets a free meal
  • 99 cent stores raised prices to 99.99 cents
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