Bag of Randomness

  • Somehow I lost my debit card.  Grrrr.  But when I called in to report it was lost, the rep told me that someone already called in to report it lost and for a new card to be sent to me.  Weird.
  • CBS is coming out with their own version of “The View” which will be hosted by Julie Chen, who just happens to be married to the president of CBS.
  • Speaking of CBS, I’m looking forward to seeing former Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson on the show, but wouldn’t it be fun to see Jerry, Jimmy, Switzer, Chan Gailey, Dave Camp, Bill Parcells, Wade Phillips, and Jerry Jr all in the Big Brother house?
  • My poor nephew, an elementary kid, had diarrhea all the way from Colorado to East Texas.  I wouldn’t want to wish that on anyone.
  • Did you year that 911 call from that Irving mother that killed her kids.  Absolutely chilling.
  • I test drove a Hyundai Sonata last night.  That car has to be the absolute best bang for the buck, I was highly impressed with even the entry level model.
  • ESPN will be broadcasting from Sundance Square in Fort Worth during Super Bowl week which is 198 days away.  There’s no telling how hick they are going to try to make us.
  • Jerry Jones is usually great at signing draft picks before camp, but I fear he won’t get the Dez Bryant deal done in time, but I don’t think it will be his fault.
  • I’m impressed at how much Texas Stadium is being recycled.  The concrete will be used for roads, and the metal will be melted down and used to make fences for the area.
  • Southlake thinks they now need a SWAT team?
  • The cafeteria at works tends to over-bacon everything.  My cubemate thought I was a nut for saying that something could actually be over-baconed.
  • I saw on WFAA last night that Elevate Church in Frisco is building a new building modeled after both the National Cathedral in Washington and St Patricks in NYC with a modern twist.  Excess or monument to God?
  • WifeGeeding is a champ at being a mother, she’s just a natural.  Me, I got a lot of rough edges.
  • Wanna Get Away?  Southwest is having an airfare sale starting at $49 one way.  Oh, and bags fly free.
  • I got a postcard in the mail from my hosting company telling me it’s time to renew the domain name for this site.  One day I’m going to get around to doing that.
  • I’m getting a straight edge shave on Saturday and looking forward to it.  So that means shaving has stopped for the rest of the week.
  • 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Tour de France
  • This dog has an interesting morning ritual – YouTube
  • Grace
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