Bag of Randomness

  • A few days ago a package arrived in the mail addressed to “GEEDING” and the return address was from a place called INKtastic.  WifeGeeding was visiting her parents along with BabyGeeding for a couple of days and when I brought up the package to her, we just assumed it was some address labels she ordered, but when she came home yesterday we found that not to be the case.  In the package was an absolutely awesome and delightful onsie sent to me from . . . well, that’s an good question.  There’s nothing inside that indicates who sent us this wonderful gift, just the onsie itself, and the return label just states the printing company it came from.  But obviously it came from a reader, so WifeGeeding, BabyGeeding, and I would like to say THANKS! Talk about a great surprise.
  • So who did LeBron choose, Team Edward or Jacob?
  • Michael Keaton’s real name is actually Michael Douglas.
  • The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) peaked in terms of membership in 1965 with 4.25 million members, today they have half as many members.
  • Remember when the cancer-stricken Lockerbie bomber A was freed last August from a Scottish prison because a doctor said he had only about three months to live?  It’s been about a year and he’s still kicking.
  • The NY Times has a cool feature in which when you double click a word, a question mark appears and you can get the definition of that word.  Here are the top 50 words their readers have double clicked.  I have to admit that’s a pretty cool feature, albeit inchoate.
  • YouTube now has a feature that makes it more like a TV, it’s called Leanback.
  • What do you call an earthquake on Mars?
  • Maybe that Iranian woman won’t be stoned afterall.
  • A Chew Chew Train
  • The Forever stamp can be a good investment
  • Grace
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