Bag of Randomness

  • I had a friend who told me that back when he was in college he would add additional toppings to his Totino’s pizza.  Heck, I wondered why he would ruin such a thing.
  • Yup, those things aren’t healthy, but they’re under a buck and taste great.
  • I remember when I was a young little Geeding and my mother telling me there will be a day when I dread what I get in the mail.  That thought ran across my mind as I got four medical bills totaling over $1600 yesterday.
  • Until all medical bills come in, I don’t plan on renewing this domain that expires next month.
  • One of the best burgers you will ever eat can be found at Maple and Motor, located at Maple and Denton Drive in Dallas.
  • They also serve Jolly Rancher ice-tea, and it’s Bille Dee Williams approved.
  • There were lots of pics of local celebs with the owner on the wall, such as Mike Modano and Gene and Jerry Jones.  To be honest, it was hard for me to imagine Gene in such a place since it’s a hole-in-a-wall, but it’s one fine hole-in-the-wall.
  • But be sure to come early, there’s little room and the lines get long, and they don’t like you hogging the seats very long.
  • And after typing all of that I just saw a segment on Nightline in which a 31-year-old man was having a heart attack, and he appeared to be healthy.
  • The actual segment was about how doctors have to deliver bad news, and it was absolutely fascinating and heart breaking.  One doctor admitted that he’s just a cold and detached, but as I saw him deliver the news to a man who just became a widow, he was actually did so with grace.
  • That night, he had to deliver that kind of news five times.
  • I’m going to have to test my lawn for steroids because it just keeps growing at a crazy rate.
  • The last several times when someone gave me directions via email to their house they never included that actual house number and street name, they just gave step-by-step directions.  I guess the address is actually hidden within the message, but as a general rule, the  actual address should be given so we all can just look it up on Google Maps or our GPS device.
  • Jesus running late for his crucifixion
  • ‘Twilight’ has Mormon themes?
  • I hear Glenn Beck is starting some kind of university.  Oh, boy.
  • Someone thinks if you play I Can Only Imagine backwards that it’s actually Satan worship.
  • Grace
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