Bag of Randomness

  • That was my favorite TV dinner as a child.
  • I walked DogGeeding and OtherDogGeeding last night and was amazed at the amount of gnats outside.  They are better than mosquitoes, but I was curious as to why so many, the rain?
  • It’s weird to hear about other regions complaining about the high temperatures in the middle of summer with the DFW actually having pretty tolerable heat.
  • At the time of this writing, it appears that fan that fell from the upper deck at The Ballpark trying to catch a foul ball is going to be OK.  To be honest, I’m surprised stuff like that doesn’t happen more often.
  • I wonder how the Rangers are going to treat that guy.
  • I remember when The Ballpark first opened that a fan fell from one of the decks posing for a picture and leaning back too far, and that’s how all those wire railings came to be.
  • I don’t follow the Rangers much, but it seems like Michael Young just really doesn’t get much respect.
  • The first thing that went through my mind as I saw Lindsey Lohan crying in the courtroom was . . . it looks like she just hit that first stage of grief.
  • It’s a well known thing that junior high boys fear having to stand up in class because of certain reactions due to puberty.  That thought ran across my mind as I watched this guy who stood next to Sarah Palin.
  • I kind of feel like the local media is doing whatever they can to find the littlest thing to complain about in regards to how the new Dallas police chief and the department is handling the death of his cop-killing son.
  • The Edge of U2 has a playlist on iTunes.  For those of you that don’t have iTunes, here’s a screenprint.
  • George Lucas wants to stop a laser company from making their new, high-powered product because he thinks it looks like a lightsaber.  Seriously.
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