Bag of Randomness

  • It has rained a crazy amount this past week, and oddly enough, the rain pattern isn’t coming west to east this time, but from south to north.
  • One of the best things I love about GeedingManor is that we have a decent size covered back porch, and when there’s a major storm, there’s something about sitting outside, but covered, during a major storm.  I love it.  I’m not sure if it reminds me of my parts of my childhood, or that I get to appreciate nature, or that the solitude is peaceful, but I love it.
  • While watching the news on WFAA Sunday evening they mentioned the Rangers that made the starting lineup only to show a blooper real of the team.  If it was a mistake, they ended up doing it again at a later broadcast.
  • A new burger place opened in the area and WifeGeeding and I thought we would try it out.  Being a burger place, I thought I would get a burger.  Being that it was the 4th of July, WifeGeeding thought she would get a hotdog.  The burger was OK, but WifeGeeding’s hotdog had a cold center, so I took it back.  The apologized and cooked her up another one.  I noticed the hotdogs look like they were frozen as they were being placed on the grill, so when the brought up the second one (along with an apology) I told her to tear it in half and feel the center . . .  yup, it was cold.   To be honest, neither of us were mad, maybe a little frustrated (how hard is it to cook a hotdog?) but just felt kind of sorry for the folks behind the counter and the owner of the place as it was a grand opening and they looked like they were just trying to get on their feet.  But thankfully, the third time was a charm as I saw them cook two hotdogs and test the ‘experimental’ one before bringing a very hungry WifeGeeding the other one.
  • There was a marathon of The Greatest American Hero that I caught a little bit of over the weekend.  I never watched the show because as a kid it just looked silly and the character just didn’t look the part of what I thought a super hero should look like, but as an adult I got a kick out of the concept.  Verdict . . . not bad.   But man oh man, do I love that theme song.
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