Bag of Randomness

  • I mowed the lawn, and the lawn won.  After mowing I just felt very ill, I’m thinking I wasn’t hydrated enough.
  • Hello three day weekend . . . it’s awfully nice to meet you, you should come by more often.
  • The third website I visit every morning is, I briefly check out their top stories, then click on the Comics link to read my four daily comics, and then it’s usually off to their Most Popular section.
  • Even though one of my readers was nice enough to remind me to renew the domain, I still haven’t done so.  I have just a little over a month left.
  • My friend Andy has some intriguing thoughts about taxes that I think is worth your time reading.
  • Waffle stick maker?
  • I don’t know what to think about the Mike Snider sendoff . . . they kept show news segments that he ‘covered’ like the death of Princess Diana?  Yeah right, like he actually covered that story in any detail.
  • I need to clean my gas grill, the iron grates are a bit rusty.
  • I’m almost tempted to watch the first Twilight film just to see what all the hype is about.
  • Dude building a Delorean hovercraft – YouTube
  • I really don’t care where Lebron ends up.
  • I can’t remember the last time I climbed a tree.
  • A web browser for televisions
  • Researchers create functioning human lung on a microchip
  • Grace
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