Bag of Randomness

  • Is anybody else ready for a three day weekend?
  • Look Who’s Talking came on the tube last night, and after recently just becoming new parents, it was a nice watch . . . even it was on the Women’s Entertainment channel.  It was worth the watch just to see WifeGeeding crack up, and besides, nothing else was on.
  • is the second website I visit every morning and I’m an occasional customer.  I like their concept, they sell one product a day and have witty descriptions, and they are just down the road.  Yesterday it was announced they were bought by
  • WFAA sure loves to talk about Texas Baptist Men and their efforts to help in disasters whenever they get the chance.  I’m not critiquing TBM’s service in response to disaster, but just recognize that TBM seems to be the only disaster service group that channel chooses to recognize.
  • I’m sure this will be a best seller at Lifeway bookstores this fall.
  • For the heck of it I decided to do a search for “Obama” on the Lifeway website just to see of they books they sold were mostly positive or negative.  Here’s the results so you can decide for yourself.
  • Interesting watch – tell time by color of the sky
  • For those of you that use to spend time on here’s
  • The History Channel show American Pickers has caught my attention, and I think one guy looks like Cris Collinsworth.
  • Grace
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