6 Responses to Anne Rice Quits Christianity ‘In the Name of Christ’

  1. dan says:

    Did she mean she's giving up on all 38,000 Christian denominations? Certainly, there should have been one out of 38,000 that fit her specifications

  2. The Donald says:

    Sounds like a soapbox speech to me…

    How can you be a follower of Christ and not a Christian? Isn't it pretty much definitional?

    Sure, I understand what she's saying. She's basically painting all Christians with a broad brush, but seemingly expects special treatment to be reserved for her because she's more 'enlightened' than the other hundreds of millions, or billions of Christians on the planet.

    I am a Christian. While I certainly wouldn't fit in in Fred Phelps' church, I don't feel the need to renounce my Christianity because of the things he does.

    Dan is correct, there's easily a denomination that wouldn't offend her tender sensibilities. The Methodists, for example.

  3. Stefanie says:

    I found her renouncement interesting. I adamantly refuse to not follow some of the church beliefs…many of which she stated. I believe God is love. And living in His way only benefits the soul. But it doesn't mean I would renounce all my choices in my beliefs to worship Him….seems like that contradicts why He created me…to be a free thinker. I suppose fellowship means different things to different folks.

  4. temesgen says:

    i blive "GOD iS LOVE"
    i wish all the best to all human bings on this earth………..

  5. Greg says:

    No, just the 99% that do.

  6. George says:

    Yeah, it's a title game. I think a lot of us have done this in some way or another. Look at Facebook "info" sections and you find a lot of people put "Christ" or "Follower of Christ" instead of "Christian." as their religion. They just did it without the whiney Twitter attention whoring.

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