Random LOST Thoughts

  • We saw Kate stitch up Jack in the pilot episode, now we see Jack stitching up Kate in the last regular episode.  We saw the castaways just focus on surviving in the pilot, now we see them becoming the hunters.
  • The only way Jacob was able to make himself visible to everyone was to burn his own ashes.
  • It was nice of Jack to extend some grace to Sawyer.  Did you catch it?  Sawyer asked or told Jack that he was responsible for the deaths of those on the sub, and shifted the blame to UnLocke and also offered Sawyer some perspective.
  • I’m quite interested in seeing who’s the mother of Jack’s son.  It seems the only two women we have not seen in the sideways world is Shannon and Juliet.  My money is on Juliet.  There’s the minor chance it could be Julie Bowen, but I doubt it.  Sidenote: I love Julie Bowen, but just don’t think she’s a good comedic actress, her new sitcom Modern Family being my proof.
  • I guess it’s confirmed that the Jacob in the cabin was really the Man in Black all along.  What a devilish way to get Ben so upset that MIB was able to persuade Ben to kill the real Jacob for him.
  • We gotta find out the meaning behind one of the first images we saw in season premiere . . . how The Island became submerged.  Is it because Jack killed UnLocke and doomed The Island?
  • I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Richard Alpert.
  • Desmond and Kate are going to a concert, it has to be Charlie’s band Drive Shaft performing, and I bet everyone meets up at this venue.  And why do I have a feeling “Good Vibrations” will be played.  Remember Charlie playing that before he died?
  • Rousseau looks nice all dressed up.
  • It would be nice to see sideways Vincent.

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