Final Random LOST Thoughts

  • Thankfully WifeGeeding didn’t go into labor during the finale.
  • When I get into a television series I have this tendency to try to see what character I relate to the most.  For House it’s Wilson, for the X-Files it was Scully, and in this series it was definitely Locke.  He was the man that sought faith and tried to make connections, had insecurity issues, really cared for others doing nice deeds, had a hard time getting others to see his way, always kind of had bad luck, and several other things.
  • His last scene with Ben was quite moving for me.  As much as Ben has wronged him, as much serious baggage those two had with each other, he stilled greeted Ben, accepted his apology, and above all, extended grace.  I hope one day that I can do the same with the Ben in my life.
  • And the kicker for that scene – he got out of that wheel chair, on his own, and left everything behind.  The symbolism hit me hard.
  • But how interesting it was of Ben not to include himself with the others at the end.
  • I’ve had many dreams of hugging my dad since he has passed.  The dreams are real vivid, as I can physically feel my arms wrapping around his body and remembering how his frame feels, how he’s a tad bit taller than I am and how I have to tip-toe just a bit, and above all, I can even recall his scent.  All of that went through my mind and stabbed me in the heart as I saw Jack and his late father hugging and I kind of wished I was in his place.  No matter how much resentment he had at for his father, he too was able to let go of all the baggage and accept the grace his father extended him.  I also think there was something about how Jack just accepted things at the end that just kind of hit me.
  • Vincent.  Man, that dog has caused me to cry twice.  Once when Walt was on the raft leaving The Island and how he jumped in the water chasing after him, and him being a faithful companion as Jack laid dying.  Y’all know me, I’m a softy when it comes to does, and with DogGeeding getting up in years and his days somewhat numbered, I couldn’t help but get chocked up.  Dogs owners will agree, that are exceptional at extending grace, and the ending held up to what dogs do best.  And besides, no one wants to die alone.
  • I remember one time when MomGeeding was living with us and she decided to use the ice machine towards one of the LOST cliffhanger endings, and I remember regrettably yelling at her as I at that moment put a television show above my mother.  That’s one regret I carry with me, and with the ending of this show perhaps I can have some closure, because I think of that moment after every show ending.  Oddly enough, I was using an old tissue box of my mothers as I wiped away my tears and blew my nose at the ending.
  • I know a lot of Christians are upset at all the multi-faith references in the final scenes and fear they are promoting that all roads lead to heaven.  For me, it’s a television show based in a very fictional world meant to entertain, not to promote a faith or belief system.
  • I loved all the “awakening” moments.  I thought it was a great way to reward us loyal fans who have watched every episode and was a nice hat-tip to all of our favorite scenes – especially with characters we haven’t seen in a while.
  • I knew the finale wasn’t going to provide all the answers, and even had a feeling it would open up a few more questions, and that’s just how I wanted it.
  • Jack’s journey was full circle.  He died in the very spot where he first woke up on The Island in the pilot episode, he know this because he passed that white sneaker that was visible in the pilot episode.  The series started with an eye opening, and ended with the same eye closing.
  • One thing I loved about this show was how it brought many different races and cultures together.
  • As Jack lay dying in that final scene we see a jet flying over.  I don’t think that was the Ajira jet, but was the Oceanic 815 sideways flight.  And right when it was over him, I bet that’s when Rose told the Jack on board the flight in the first episode of this season to “let go.”  I know in the first episode this season we see The Island underwater, but this just feels right.
  • I liked how UnLocke tried to trick Jack into thinking he was Locke while they were in the care lowing Desmond down.  And I liked how after Desmond was lowered, they both looked down just like they did way back when when Jack and Locke discovered the hatch.
  • Didn’t this show have some awesome music?
  • Hmmm.  They all waited for Jack, in purgatory.  His dad told him that everything he experienced was real and there was no “time,” with the sideways world showing the connections that they had built for one-another so they can find each other again after death, yet Ben decided to be the holdout.  If he hand a rope, he would have hung himself on the closest tree, a la Judas.
  • Christian Shepherd sure does did live up to his name.
  • And Jack lived up to being the final and ultimate Christ figure in the episode.  When he gave Hurley that drink outside of the cave, it was his version of the Last Supper, all I was waiting for was “Drink this, for this is my body which is given unto you. Do this, in remembrance of me.”  Jack questioned and obeyed his father, and even lead a small band of disciples.  And of course Jake was stabbed, or should I say pierced in his side.
  • I now know why ABC decided to add an extra half hour to the finale, so they could fit in all those commercials.  Thankfully WifeGeeding and I waited a while before we started to watch it and could fast forward through them skipping them, but a few of those Target ones caused me to do a rewind thinking I fast-forwarded too much.
  • Kate had a great line, “I saved you a bullet.”  I like it because earlier when she was shooting UnLocke he told her to save her bullets.
  • The box Christian Shephard’s coffin was transported in has stickers displaying the following airport codes: BMN (Bamerny Airport, Iraq), GUM (A.B. Won Pat International Airport, Guam), HKG (Hong Kong International Airport, China), and LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).
  • Ana Lucia, Eko, Ilana, Michael, Nikki, Paulo, and Walt are the only main characters of the series to not appear in the finale
  • I think with Richard Alpert and Frank Lapidus not appearing in the final gather means they are both still alive.  Not saying Alpert is going to live forever, as we learn with his gray hair that he is finally aging, but that we was still alive.
  • 23 was a big number throughout:
    • At the concert the main guests sit at table 23
    • The number of the candy in the vending machine Sawyer wants is G23.
    • Jack’s number as a candidate is 23.
    • The Episode aired the 23rd of May 2010.
  • Juliet tells Sawyer to unplug and then plug the vending machine back in, and that it was technically legal.  I was a bit confused at this at first, but after thinking about it, it’s was just a bit of foreshadowing of unplugging and plugging back in that cork on The Island.
  • The first episode of season four was titled The Beginning of the End and the last episode was titled “The End.”

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