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  • I don’t know why, but for the last several mornings I’ve been writing the alphabet with my left hand, which is my non-dominant hand.  Both my parents were left-handed, yet I’m a righty.
  • While listening to sports radio the other day I learned some interesting facts about the legendary Jessie Owens – The Ohio State University student has a plaque at arch rival Michigan’s campus commemorating him breaking four world records in 45 minutes, all done with a bad back.  I decided to look up that event to read up about it and found two interesting articles.  This one from Sports Illustrated talks about the feat, and speaking of feet, I can’t get past looking at Owens’ right foot because it looks so weird and I cant figure out why.  It’s like there’s a big open gap in the top middle portion, like a hidden Mickey or something, probably just a flap on the shoe.  And then I found this article about a ten-year-old Jessie Owens who recently qualified for state track meet.  That’s one heck of a name to live up to, related or not.
  • I found a couple of items on
  • Speaking of Alice Cooper, I remember one time I used him as a central character in a presentation I was giving while I was working on my MBA.  It was one of those things where I could have used anyone as an example, but I thought the pop-culture reference would be a little funny and keep the class’ attention.  The class was such that your grade depending on the critique of your peers, and this one peer was from Nigeria, with challenging English skills, who had no idea who Alice Cooper was.  He gave me bad marks because he said I kept using “he” in reference to Alice Cooper and that was wrong be OBVIOUSLY Alice was a girl.  All that to say, know your audience.
  • So if you like to travel but like to sleep in, then Crack of Noon Tours may just be for you.
  • Maybe BP should have sent Joe the Plumber to fix that leak?
  • I read that Obama will not be at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, but will be at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery outside of Chicago.  But before the Right gets all bent out of shape, Reagan skipped a year, George H.W. Bush never went on Memorial Day, and George W. missed several years as well.
  • Here’s an interesting article and the first sentence will grab your attention: Here’s a dirty little secret about the little pills you pop: nearly 99.9 percent of the tablet is useless. Only a thousandth of a pill contains the active ingredients that are supposed to make you feel better.
  • Stephen Baldwin, the Baldwin brother that loves to talk about Jesus, just posed nearly naked for the UK version of Cosmo.  You can see his pic here with other almost naked men.  Too bad he’s not wearing a WWJD bracelet.
  • I hear people like Bag of Randomness, but I wonder if any of you feel cheated when I end up putting a lot of links as opposed to personal stuff.
  • I had several people tell me that I was the first person they thought of after viewing the LOST finale.  I find that intriguing.
  • ‘Lost’ Complete Series Will Have Ben & Hurley Epilogue
  • I recently heard about the Q document and found it pretty interesting – basically it’s a possible reference document that existed that referenced a lot of Jesus’ quotes and teachings and was used to write the Gospels.  There’s a lot of reasons against its existence, but the supporting like to reference the striking similarity of familiar text found in the different books.  I’m not saying it ever existed or not, but that it’s interesting.  But I will predict a future Dan Brown book about the document.
  • Reporter That Doesn’t Like Being Touched Meets Guy That Likes to Touch People
  • I’m not a follower of Richard Dawkins, but this quote made me think: I may refrain from insulting you. I may refrain from publishing a cartoon of your prophet. But it’s becuse I fear you. Don’t think for one minute that it’s because I respect you.
  • Vietnam War casualties listed by Home of Record
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